The Armies of Hell | Doom MOBA

Features -

  • Creep Waves
    • Constantly Spawning 4 Man Squad of Possessed Soliders
    • Will Run To Invade your Enemy's Base and Engage Anyone along the way
    • They Start Weak, but Gain More Power over Time
  • Destroy the Enemy Power Core To Win
    • Protected by a Guardian Cyber-Mancubus
    • A Ray Shield Protects the Power Core until the Guardian is Killed
    • When the Guradian is dead, you have a window to attack the enemy Core
    • The Guardian will Respawn and Reactive Shields After A while
  • Pick Your Class
    • 4 Unique Classes with unique Stats, Weapons, and Equipment.
    • Level up 5 Times to unlock new Abilities, Gear, and Stat Increases.
    • You Can Switch Class at anytime, but Experience is Reset.
  • Health and Ammo Fountains
    • Slowly Increases your health and ammo
    • Stay in the fountain to continue gains
    • Fountains futher from bases resupply more slowly
  • Amass Your Fortune
    • Cred will slowly increase passively overtime
    • Small amounts of Cred are awarded when your Team kills anything.
    • Cred is awarded when you last hit an Enemy minion or Player
    • Even More Cred is awarded when you Glory Kill and Enemy Minion
  • Each Base has a Shop where you can buy...
    • Powerful Weapons
    • The Ability to Convert Enemy Minions to Your Team
    • A Haste Powerup to get to the Front Lines Faster
    • Summon A Rampaging Hell Knight Against Your Enemy
  • A Neutral Shop Where you can buy...
    • A Regen Powerup
    • A Quad Damage Powerup
    • Summon a Powerful Revenant Against Your Enemy
  • A Neutral Boss Fight
    • Every So Often a Supremely Powerful Baron Of Hell will Spawn
    • Defeat him to gain his Servitude in your War.

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