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Glacius Guide

  • can hold projectile to delay
  • After cast, cancel into --> + MP and cancel into Shatter
  • Shadow version safe on Block
  • Can be used to safely setup Cold Shoulder
  • Always start one up after a combo to keep pressure up

Cold Shoulder
  • Heavy Version not safe on block
  • Heavy Version Ender can cause wall bounce
  • Shadow Version can link and pass through projectiles

Puddle Punch 
  • Anti Air
  • Not Safe on Block
  • Damaging Ender 
  • Heavy Version cause Hard Knockdown
  • Wake Up High Risk/High Reward  (can cancel into Shadow Hail for safe block)
  • Can be used after being blocked to become invulnerable and start a combo

  • Unblockable
  • Can be blocked if in block stun from another attack
  • Opener and Linker
  • Distance determined by level of punch used

  • Short range pressure escape

  • Mid Range pressure escape

--> + MP

  • Long Range Opener
  • Always cancel into Shatter
  • Cancel into Hail for anti air

<-- + HP

  • Anti Air
  • Can be canceled into Hail for tricky setups 

Jumping HK

  • Long Range Opener

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