Guild Wars 2

Playing Guild Wars 2 On An Xbox 360 Controller Using Xpadder

  • Universal Button Assignment for any MMO :  Just Rebind Keys In The Game To Your Controller
  • UI / Cursor Mode : Hold "Back" Button To Enable Cursor Move, Mouse Clicks  And Menu Dialogs
  • Auto Center Cursor : Press and Release the "Back" Button To Re-Align The Cursor To Above Your Character's Head
  • Flawless 3rd Person Camera Aim : Move "Right Stick" To Move Camera.  NO Cursor Drift
  • Shoulder Button Modifiers : "LB" And "RB" Open Up More Keybind Options.  No Switching Between Unreliable Xpadder Sets.

Xpadder and MMOs (Guild Wars 2) 01. Intro 

Xpadder and MMOs (Guild Wars 2) 02. Basic Setup 

Xpadder and MMOs (Guild Wars 2) 03. Advanced Setup 

Guild Wars 2 Xbox 360 Controller Legend

Button Layout Explanations
  • "Left Stick" Move is standard for Action Games
  • "Right Stick" Camera Aim is standard for Action Games
  • Autorun and Walk set to "Left Stick Click" to keep movement options on Left Stick
  • Dodge is set to "Right Stick Click" since you will be aiming the camera quite a bit.  Faster Dodge Reaction Times.
  • About Face set to "Back" + "Right Stick Click" because our right stick aiming constantly holds down right click.  Holding back releases the right click command allowing you to use about face.
  • AOE Loot and Interact set to "Start" since they are the most used UI commands and the start button is known for utilizing UI commands.
  • Show Enemy Names and Show Ally Names are set to shoulder buttons for easy access.  Shoulder buttons are also modifier keys (alt and ctrl) as well.
  • Stow/Draw Weapons set to "Up" for easy access.
  • All Skills are set to face buttons for fastest access possible.  No need to take your thumb off of the "Left Stick" to hit the "Direction Pad" to attack.
  • Target Next Enemy set to "LB" + "Right Trigger" for fast access.  Shoulder Buttons are used as Modifier Keys and Using the D-pad requires you take your thumb off the Left Stick.  Since your primary attack is "Left Trigger", adding a "LB" modifier makes it a fast access keybind.
  • Call Target and Take Target set to "Right D-Pad" and "Left D-Pad" for somewhat ease of access for commands not used that often.
  • Most User Interface commands are set to holding "Back" button.  This opens UI / Cursor Mode.  While holding the back button down, you can move the cursor with Right Stick, Mouse click with Triggers. Zoom In/Out with shoulder buttons, call up often used Menu Dialogs, and control your World Map.  You are able to preform rudimentary Menu Management commands in this way.

Xpadder and MMOs (Guild Wars 2) 04. Combat Demo 

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