Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wildstar Granok Deserter

Going to make a Granok Solider that has deserted the Dominion after being forced to join. Since the wild west is a major them in wild star, I'm going to take the whole civil war deserter turns gunslinger theme we saw back in the day. But instead of the union army, I will be using the dominion. So now that theory is out of the way here is my reference bible.

Here is some of my method for sculpting proportions in Zbrush on a Doll Base Mesh.

importing reference image

moving limbs to match reference image

using Inflate brush on 2nd sub D level to build out mass

Proportions Sculpted Out. Refinement is next.

refinement of forms. pants added. boots added.

concept paintover

Shirt, bandana, gloves, hat

All accessories made.


decimated upper body

Game Model Bakes

Painting Starts.

Textures Done.

After Posting On Polycount, a member named Artquest did this paintover for me

I am going back and making the changes now.

Environment Work

going to be making a scfi saloon for this brute.  Design Bible

Blocking out Saloon and Lighting Scheme in Maya

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